160929 semana i 4th day


A new tool for inspiration! Among various modules and resources, I decided my theme, “Image Visualization”. Then, what’s image visualization? At first, I thought like “images are already visualized, so where’s room for more visualization?”. But yes, there are hundreds of ways to combine, recreate, or separate them.

Image Visualization

I tried IMJ first, because it was written that this one was the basic one for beginners. Then, look at my work! It consists of 53 movie posters I love.

barcodea little bit smoothed one.

다운로드.pngthis one is much more smooth.

I can’t tell each movie’s title, but yes it’s cool. Originally I tried to generate barcode with 238 posters(that’s all I have) but my computer didn’t work fine and freezed. So eventually I had to work with much fewer pictures…Well it would be much more splendid if my computer was in good condition…. :p



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